JUL 2016

CCW/Basic Pistol July 2nd 10AM-7PM
DCFG Action Shooting League July 5th
DCF Guns Basic Safety July 7th 5-7pm
DCF Guns Practical Concealed Carry LVL 2 July 9th
CCW/Basic Pistol July 13th 10AM-7PM
CCW/Basic Pistol July 17th 10AM-7PM
DCF Guns Basic Handgun Marksmanship July 23rd

AUG 2016

DCFG Action Shooting League Aug 2nd
DCF Guns Basic Safety August 4th 5-7pm
CCW/Basic Pistol Aug 6th 10AM-7PM
CCW/Basic Pistol Aug 10th 10AM-7PM
DCF Guns Defensive Carbine Aug 13th
CCW/Basic Pistol August 14th 10AM-7PM
CCW/Basic Pistol Aug 20th 10AM-7PM
DCF Guns Defensive Shotgun August 27th

SEP 2016

DCF Guns Basic Safety Sept 1st 5-7pm
CCW/Basic Pistol Sept 3rd 10AM-7PM
DCFG Action Shooting League Sept 6th
DCF Guns Practical Concealed Carry LVL2 Sept 10th
CCW/Basic Pistol Sept 11th 10AM-7PM
CCW/Basic Pistol Sept 14th 10AM-7PM
CCW/Basic Pistol Sept 17rd 10AM-7PM
DCF Guns Home Defense CQB Sept 24th 10AM-9PM

OCT 2016

CCW/Basic Pistol Oct 1st 10AM-7PM
DCF Guns Basic Safety Oct 6th 5-7pm
DCF Guns Defensive Carbine Oct 8th
CCW/Basic Pistol Oct 9th 10AM-7PM
CCW/Basic Pistol Oct 19th 10AM-7PM
DCF Guns Basic Handgun Marksmanship Oct 22nd

NOV 2016

DCFG Action Shooting League Nov 1st
DCF Guns Basic Safety Nov 3rd 5-7pm
CCW/Basic Pistol Nov 5th 10AM-7PM
DCF Guns Practical Concealed Carry LVL 2 Nov 12th
CCW/Basic Pistol Nov 13th 10AM-7PM
CCW/Basic Pistol Nov 19th 10AM-7PM
CCW/Basic Pistol Nov 23rd 10AM-7PM
DCF Guns Defensive Shotgun Nov 26th

DEC 2016

DCF Guns Basic Safety Dec 1st 5-7pm
CCW/Basic Pistol Dec 3rd 10AM-7PM
DCFG Action Shooting League Dec 6th
DCF Guns Defensive Carbine Dec 10th
CCW/Basic Pistol Dec 11th 10AM-7PM
CCW/Basic Pistol Dec 17  10AM-7PM
CCW/Basic Pistol Dec 21st 10AM-7PM


DCF-Guns-tactical-instruction_05The DCF Training and Education Department offers a comprehensive list of courses from traditional firearms instruction (including NRA Certification courses) to DCF-developed topical classes in Unarmed Response, Edge/Contact Weapons and Tactical Mindset with more to come.

Erin Trimble  – Director of Training and Education and Lead Instructor at DCF – has developed an innovative course catalog which provides instruction in a broad spectrum of arenas including handgun, self defense, tactical to name a few.

From First Shots to Advanced techniques, the DCF Training offerings encompass a wide spectrum of courses to broaden the participant’s level of progression from Novice to a serious student of the art. Contributing to the improvement of the student’s level of educational understanding is a hallmark of the DCF Training Department.

DCF also offers classroom instruction in psychological elements of self-defense in several courses. Mental preparation and training – the TACTICAL MINDSET – is as important to complete self-defense planning, as is the employment of various weapons.

Classes are also available specifically for participation by youths and women.

Additionally, DCF is the pioneer in the integration of SimTech – shooting with Simulator Technology – into numerous course offerings. SimTech allows the instructor to discuss technique in a controlled environment, enhancing quality of instruction and safety which promotes greater confidence and reduces anxiety. The SimTech pistols are actual firearm frames converted to CO2 use and feature reduced levels of recoil and noise than experienced with an actual handgun.

DCF GUNS Class Attendance Policies

DCF GUNS requests that you give us at least 72 hours notification if you are unable to make a previous enrollment.

Outside 72 Hours changes can be made, dates rescheduled, or Tuition can be changed to a Gift Card for In store use.

Inside 72 hours we can only reschedule.

Inside 24 hours we can only reschedule on an exception basis.

“no call no show” forfeits  your tuition.