30 FOR $30

COST: $30

Range commands:

Stop – Freeze and hold still until the instructor gives you additional directions.
Cease Fire – Move your finger away from the trigger, engage any manual safeties, and lay the firearm on the table.

Fundamentals of safe handling:

  1. Keep your finger away from the trigger until you are ready to shoot.
  2. Keep your muzzle pointed in the safest possible direction.
  3. Treat every firearm as if it is loaded.
  4. Be aware of your target and what is around it
  5. Never attempt to catch a falling firearm, let it fall.
  6. Fundamentals of Marksmanship

Sight Alignment: Align the front sight blade in the rear sights notch. Top edge of the front sight even with the op edge of the rear sight. Equal amount of space between the edges of the front blade and rear sight walls.

Sight Picture: The alignment of the sights upon the target. With the sights correctly aligned on the target, concentrate visually and mentally on the front sight.

Trigger Control: Place your finger flat on the face of the trigger. Apply rearward pressure straight back, keeping your finger flat on the face of the trigger. Take out any slack in the trigger, apply the same technique on the second stage of a 2 stage trigger.

Follow Through: As the shot fires, stay concentrated on the front sight. Apply enough pressure to keep the trigger held back through recoil. Visually and mentally, follow the front sight through recoil and settle the sights back down on the target. When the sights are aligned properly, smoothly let the trigger back forward until it resets.

Gripping the firearm: With a firm amount of pressure, seat the firearm in your dominant hand, wrapping your fingers comfortably around the grip. Apply pressure with your fingers so you are gripping front to back. Wrap your support hand around the grip firmly applying pressure in a “C” clap direction. Equal and steady pressure should be applied throughout shooting to maintain consistency.

Body position: Stand naturally with good posture, your shoulders and hips facing your target. As you bring the firearm up to your eye line, let you weight shift from your ankles to the balls of your feet. Allow your head and shoulders to follow the firearm just a couple inches. Your arms should be at a comfortable full extension. Apply the correct grip to the firearm, and maintain consistent balance, slightly forward as you shoot.

Living with your Firearm: The steps to responsible ownership of a firearm are based around common sense and personal accountability.

Cleaning: Your firearms need care and maintenance just like any other mechanical device. Different designs will require different levels and types of cleaning and maintenance. When to clean it will depend on different factors.
A good standard is to do a light cleaning each time you shoot, and a deep cleaning every 6 months, 600 rounds, or both.

Storage: You are responsible for keeping your firearms out of the wrong hands. The best ways to do this are either to carry it on your person in a safe and legal manner or storage safe.

A firearm being used for defense may be kept loaded, as long as the owner is in reasonable control of them. Other firearms not in use should be cleared empty, cleaned, and stored in a safe and secure manner out of reach of uneducated or negligent hands.

Firearms safety is the individual owners’ ultimate responsibility and should be taken seriously and shown the respect it deserves.

30 for 30 Checklist:

  • Range Commands Overview
  • Safe Handling Fundamentals
  • Marksmanship FundamentalS
  • Sight Alignment
  • Sight Picture
  • Trigger Control
  • Follow Trough
  • Gripping the Firearm
  • Body Positioning
  • Living With Your Firearm
  • Cleaning
  • Storage

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