DCF Guns has a constant supply of the latest and greatest offerings from all of the major firearms manufacturers and some lesser known brands. We offer you thousands of guns you’ll find them in our racks or in cases. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we can request a special order! Typically we can get any firearm in a week. We also carry some odds that many shops don’t carry.

Our staff is highly experienced with all types of firearms: Concealable Handguns, Target Handguns, Shotguns, Precision Rifles, and Tactical Rifles, all of which we can say have been well used amongst the staff. So we can truly help find the right ones for you! If  you have any questions send us an email or give us a call.

Looking for a used firearm?
New arrivals come daily! We buy and sell used firearms every day, so we have quite an assortment on hand: hunting rifles, tactical rifles, shotguns, relic firearms and handguns. We get some very interesting pieces in!

If you are interested in selling a firearm to us or through us, stop by anytime, we are always ready to give an appraisal or a suggested sale price.

We offer three selling options for you:

  1. Trade in your pre-owned firearm for value towards a new or used firearm.
  2. Sell directly to us for money today.
  3. You can also make a consignment agreement and sell your firearm at your own price.

New Firearms

The latest and greatest offerings.

Used Firearms

We buy and sell used firearms.


Ammo is becoming more attainable.


Douglas County Firearms accepts transfers for Colorado residents, however we have a list of things that must be completed before you have the firearm sent to us. If the complete information is not included with your firearm, it may be returned to the sender at the sole discretion of DCF Guns Management. DCF Guns assumes no responsibility for firearms not purchased at DCF Guns. DCF Guns is only processing your transfer and we cannot offer support, warranty work or tracking information on any firearm not sold by us. By completing the DCF Guns check list you are ensuring that your transfer will be completed in a timely fashion.


We now have several bulk buys including 9mm, 5.45×39, 40S&W and more. For small box buying options we carry all popular handgun and rifle calibers and we continue to strive in finding more ammo to have available for our customers. What is a gun without its fuel?
Although availability for ammo is increasing, the prices are taking a slow walk back to normal. We are all itching to see the cost inflation decrease to normal again. Call (720)515-2006 to check our stock and price!

We never stock re-loaded ammunition and we do not stock supplies for re-loading equipment, brass, powder or bullets.