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The Story of DCF/ Anniversary Celebration

Once upon a time, in 2009, two gun loving, charming fellows found some holsters they really loved. We can call them, Josh and, Frosty. (Stick with me, this story gets better). They loved the holsters so much they decided they could sell some at a local gun show. While at the gun show they realized, Douglas County was very limited to the availability to buy firearms.

They applied for a Federal Firearms License and rented a small store basement to sell firearms by invitation only. Little did they know what big deal this would become in just a short time.

The requests grew and grew as the word spread of the two guys selling firearms in the county.  Proving that the people of Douglas County loved and wanted guns!  Their operation became a full time job, literally.  As they began to give all of their time to the job, it became apparent they needed a store front with regular business hours. Luckily for the guys, the store above them would be sold out and they could move up.

They quit their day jobs and opened up the little store in downtown Castle Rock, selling guns to the public, providing repairs, and making gun transfers to the people of Douglas County, and DCFGuns was born! This was a great opportunity for Douglas County.  So great in fact, Josh and Frosty quickly out grew that little store and, closed it after just one year.

On November 26th, 2012, they re-opened in a much larger store just across the river (i25).  It had space for a shooting range, over 1000 displayed guns, a training room, and the much needed elbow room.

This new store has been open and thriving since then.  Still providing the higher caliber of service the good people of Douglas County deserve and, a great shooting range so everyone can shoot locally!  On this November 16th, we will be celebrating the amazing transformation of Douglas County Firearms, and we would like you to be there. Our loyal Douglas County customers will be able to get some great deals on guns and accessories as thanks for being with us on this wild ride.  We encourage you to bring family and friends and all that are interested in learning about firearms.


Come shoot, come hang out and, come enjoy the freedom of owning guns!

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AR15 Class

4pm-10pm Sunday October 27th. Sign up in advance.

This class will vastly improve your skills with an AR15. This is strictly an AR15 and AR10 class only. We will not instruct for other rifle platforms. There will be AR15 rifles for rent in our range that you are welcome to use for the class for an additional $35 rental fee.

What’s Needed:

  • The basics for shooting; Hearing protection and eye protection.
  • 150-200 rounds of ammo. DO NOT bring steal core or tracer ammunition even if the tracer ammunition is “expired”
  • Cleaning supplies.
  • Rifle sling, flashlight (mounted or handheld)
  • 3 magazines
  • A notepad and pen.
  • And an open mind to new ideas.


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“Shoot for the Green” Oct. 17th

Gather your friends and join us for a fun night of “Golfing with Guns!”

Bring your .22 pistol (iron sights only) and see if you can make “Par.”

This exciting game will have you shooting for the green, while dodging sand traps and water features!

Entry and Target:



Pistol rental……$20.00


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Halloween Shoot

On Halloween we will have a “low-light” shooting event from 5-7pm. This means we will turn out all the lights in the range to no more than a mild ambient light just enough to see what you’re shooting at. It will be a little spooky so be prepared with your gun. This will be a regularly priced event for all shooters. Come by Halloween night and try your hand at “low-light” shooting! We will have candy, kids welcome anytime before 7pm.

Children must be 10years or older to shoot. Regular Range rules apply.

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Free Basic Safety Course! Nov. 7th

We will be hosting a FREE basic safety class on November 7th. This class is open for anyone. The basic safety, functioning, and use of a firearm will be covered. It is a 100% free class, you will only need to come in an sign up. There are 20 seats available for the class. Even if you have handled firearms before, a little “brushing up” is always good when it comes to safety.

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CCW Class Nov.1st&2nd

6 seats available as of 10/8/13 for the next Concealed Carry class on November 1st and 2nd. The classroom and instruction portion will be on November 1st from 5pm-7pm. The range and shooting portion will be on November 2nd from 7am-10am. As the date of the class approaches the seats will fill up fast. The class is $150 per person but if you sign up with a friend or family member you can get 10%off each entry fee!

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Shotgun Sale!

Our large variety of Combat Tactical / Home Defense Shotguns will be 5% off for the first week in October. This is the time to pick up the one you’ve been thinking about. Last day for discount will be October 8th at 7pm.

DSC_0661 (1280x617)

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HKs on sale!

We have several great deals running for certain Heckler & Koch pistols!
If you’ve had one on your mind now is the time to pick it up.


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Our Sprint to the Springs runners hit check point DCF this morning at 10:30!

Check out the video!

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Never Forget


The DCF Team gives a salute to all we have lost or, those that have suffered, from the tragedies of 9/11/2001 and 9/11/2012.

J. Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, Tyrone S. Woods and, the many families and victims of attacks America has suffered. We are united and strong.

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